Phone Co-op Post Office1 Sky2 PlusNet3 BT4
Cost for broadband






Cost for line rental






Total monthly cost






Daytime phone calls

7.6p per min

8.5p per min

9.5p per min

9p per min

9.58p per min

Call set-up charge






Add Anytime calls






Total monthly cost for unlimited broadband and Anytime calls






1 Home Phone and Broadband Premium

2 Sky Broadband Unlimited

3 Unlimited Broadband and calls

4 Unlimited Broadband

Cost per month is for customers paying by Direct Debit and receiving bills by e-mail.

Comparisons exclude introductory offers. Sky price is based on price for non-Sky TV customers

Prices correct as at 1 December 2014

Included in our Broadband & Superfast broadband packages

Our one-size-fits-all package includes weekend calls under 60 minutes to:

  • 01, 02 and 03 numbers.
  • 0870 and 0845 numbers.
  • Phone Co-op mobile numbers

Upgrade to Anytime calls for £5 a month extra*

There's a connection charge of 12.5p for calls made outside of the bundle. Calls to other mobile networks are 12p per minute at all times

Inclusive 01, 02, 03, 0845, and 0870 calls, and calls to Phone Co-op mobiles on the Weekend and Anytime tariffs are free for the first 60 minutes. After exceeding 60 minutes they will be billed at 7.6p per minute, with a connection fee of 12.5p. Hang up after an hour and redial to avoid being charged.

icon_pdf.gif View our standard call costs

icon_pdf.gif View our call costs for special and premium rate calls (118, 08 and 09 numbers)

icon_pdf.gif View the list of call types

If you're a regular caller of international numbers, you'll love our International add-on. For £3 a month, you can add inclusive calls to landlines in any of the following countries to your allowance. 

  Countries covered
Europe Austria, Belgium, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Americas Canada, USA
Australasia  Australia, New Zealand
Africa  South Africa
Asia Hong Kong

Router reuse

Our line rental and weekend calls with unlimited broadband package costs £23.50 a month, and includes a wireless router. 

But do you really need a new router?

If you already have one, why not keep it, and get £1 a month off your bill? You'll save yourself some money and help the environment, by reducing waste.

You will need to know a little bit about setting your router up and changing its settings, as beyond the absolute basics our technical support staff cannot guarantee to help should you have problems setting up a router not provided by us. Given how many different makes there are, we're sure you can understand we can't possibly support them all! We will do our best, but it may be necessary to refer you to your router's manufacturer. We will only attempt to offer support to routers with wired connections - we can not troubleshoot thirdparty wireless connections at all.

Locked routers

Beware, however, that if your router was provided by another Internet Service Provider (ISP), it may be "locked" to their service and unusable with any other provider's service.

Routers from the following ISPs are most likely locked:

  • Sky
  • BT
  • Orange
  • O2 Be Unlimited
  • Plus Net

Routers we supply are not locked in any way, and may be freely used with any provider's services.