*£10 is the equivalent monthly price when taking out Value Line Rental. Value Line Rental is for 12 months of line rental, and requires an up front payment of £120. Payment is by credit or debit card only. Please note the advance payment for Value Line Rental is non-refundable unless you cancel within seven working days of placing your order.

You can also pay monthly for your rental - the monthly cost is £12.50.

  • Transfer of an existing line: free.
  • Reconnection (where no network wiring is needed): free.
  • New line installations: £60.
  • New line installation when moving house (existing customers only): £50
  • Payment by methods other than Direct Debit: £1 a month

icon_pdf.gif Download the full pricelist.

Evening and Weekend

Our one-size-fits-all package includes evening and weekend calls under 60 minutes* to:

  • 01, 02 and 03 numbers.
  • 0870 and 0845 numbers.
  • Phone Co-op mobile numbers.

There's a connection charge of 12.5p for calls made outside of the bundle.*

Mobile calls are 14.81p per minute during the day, and 9.95p per minute at evenings and weekends, with a connection charge of 12.5p.

£3.95 month (line rental is extra).

Upgrade to Anytime calls for £1 a month extra*

 *Inclusive 01, 02,03, 0845 and 0870 and Phone Co-op mobile calls on the Evening and Weekend and Anytime tariffs are free for the first 60 minutes. After exceeding 60 minutes they will be billed at 7.6p per minute, (14.81p per minute daytime and 9.95p per minute evenings and weekends for Phone Co-op mobiles) with a connection fee of 12.5p. Hang up after an hour and redial to avoid being charged.

Caller Plus

Designed for very low users or people who want total control over their costs.

  • No monthly charge.
  • Per-second billing.
  • No connection fee.
  • Low minimum charge of 1.2p.

Local calls are 2.55p per minute during the day, and 1.02p per minute at evenings and weekends, with a minimum charge of 1.2p.

National calls are 3.06p per minute during the day, 2.52p per minute in the evening, and 1.51p per minute at weekends, with a minimum charge of 1.2p.

Mobile calls are 13.8p per minute during the day, 10.2p per minute in the evening, and 6.6p per minute at  weekends, with a minimum charge of 1.2p.

£0.00 per month - you only pay for the calls you make


icon_pdf.gif Download our standard call costs.

icon_pdf.gif Download call type.

icon_pdf.gif Download our price list for special numbers (118, 08, 09, 070)

If you're a regular caller of international numbers, you'll love our International add-on. For £3 a month, you can add inclusive calls to landlines in any of the following countries to your allowance. 

  Countries covered
Europe Austria, Belgium, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Americas Canada, USA
Australasia  Australia, New Zealand
Africa  South Africa
Asia Hong Kong