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Working normally.

Working normally.


Working normally.

Dial-up access

Unfortunately The Phone Co-op no longer offers a Dial Up Internet Service.

The Phone Co-op offers alternative ways to access the Internet  including ADSL, mobile broadband and Superfast fibre broadband with extensive coverage across the country. Please visit this link to see what services are available for you.

We appreciate that this may be disappointing news, but hope you understand that it is due to circumstances beyond our control.


20/03/2015 09.27

Users accessing are currently unable to view their folders. We are aware of the issue and are working on it.

As a temporary fix users can click on the three lines next to My Folders and create a new subfolder. This will make all existing folders visible, however they will disappear again on logging out and then back in.

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Working normally.


Working normally.


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