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About Us

We are a consumer co-operative

At the Phone Co-op, we're all about people. We are 100% owned by our members and as a customer, you can participate in our business success. 

We are a telecommunications provider; which means we offer broadband, phone and mobile services to our customers.

We believe that the principles of co-operation drive our business success and deliver mutual benefit, contributing towards a more sustainable and fairer world.

We think our success as the only UK telecoms co-operative provider, shows that our vision can be a reality.

We do this with you and for you.

We live our values

As a co-operative, we strive in all our actions:

  • To make a positive and lasting impact because we believe everyone matters
  • To develop strong, trusting, long time relationships based on shared principles and mutual benefit
  • To demonstrate openness, accountability and integrity in all our relationships
  • To achieve excellence and be successful in what we do

This is what makes us different.

We are a membership organisation

By joining the Phone Co-op as a member, you can influence how the Phone Co-op is run as a business. 

By electing our directors and attending our AGM, all members have an equal say in the decisions we made.

Because we are a co-operative, you also participate in our business success and have a share of profits.

We put people first. We are committed to offering the best possible service and to operating with honesty, openness a sense of social responsibility; caring for our colleagues, our customers, our community and our planet.

Join us as a member today.