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My faith in humanity has been renewed

12 Dec 2016 — In October The Phone Co-op and the Community Network began supporting George Monbiot’s ‘Breaking the spell of loneliness’ tour with the folk musician Ewan McLennan.....Read story

My ‘Phone Co-op’ Co-operative Party Fairphone 2

09 Nov 2016 — When the Phone Co-op started to promote the Fairphone, I wanted one.....Read story

Green Pioneer is here

01 Nov 2016 — To celebrate the Green Pioneer launch we’ve teamed up with Co-operative Energy to give you a chance to win a Fairphone.....Read story

Could you survive on the minimum wage?

31 Oct 2016 — Could you survive on the minimum wage of £7.20 per hour?.....Read story

Being on the Phone Co-op Board

27 Oct 2016 — I was elected onto the Phone Co-op Board at the last election and started my new role in February at the AGM.....Read story


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