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Broadband glossary

31 Oct 2013 — Have you ever found yourself lost when talking about phone, broadband and mobile services? Trying to understand why you need line rental if you are not planning to make phone calls or getting confused by your broadband speed? Our guest blogger Hannah Ricci, of Cable.co.uk, explains some of those terms in plain English, as part of a series of guest blogs that aims to help you to make well-informed decisions when choosing your telecoms provider. ..Read story

Fairphone: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

24 Oct 2013 — Fairphone takes a holistic approach to a fairer device. That’s the reason why they have planned to intervene in each different stage of their handset’s lifespan. This includes the phase when their device will reach the end of its useful life. So how will the first Fairphone meet the well-known three R’s?..Read story

Investing ethically: giving something back

15 Oct 2013 — Co-operatives are a great option for those who want their pennies to have a positive impact. They think of their profit, but also of their social and environmental impact. Co-operative enterprises seek a triple bottom line (“profit, people, planet”) by being successful businesses that care for their members and their local communities, and contribute to tackle climate change. This National Ethical Investment Week (13th to 17th October) wants to encourage people to make good with their money. ..Read story

Is there a co-operative alternative to capitalism?

01 Oct 2013 — This is the question our partners Ethical Consumer, New Internationalist and Red Pepper posed last Friday in London during the presentation of the book "People over Capital". The event gathered over 100 people from inside and outside the co-operative movement to reflect on how co-operatives can contribute towards a more sustainable future. ..Read story


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