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Charwelton Community Pub: rescuing a vital community asset

16 Dec 2014 — This weekend, this co-operative society is celebrating a year since it purchased the freehold of the Fox and Hounds Public House in Charwelton. The Phone Co-op’s financial support helped them refurbish the pub which reopened in February 2014. . ..Read story

Communicating for social enterprises: the satisfaction of having good stories to tell

09 Dec 2014 — Read our guest blog on the Social Enterprise Mark website written by Isabel Benitez our PR Executive. ..Read story

“It’s hard to change the world, but a bit easier if you are not on your own”

02 Dec 2014 — Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK and one of the most relevant figures in the UK’s co-operative movement, has found a few minutes to tell us why co-operation is the way forward in business. ..Read story

How lost would you now be without your mobile?

24 Nov 2014 — We all rely on our mobile phones so much more now, but unfortunately the functionality that makes our lives easier also increases their attraction to thieves. As a result 250,000 to 300,000 handsets are stolen each year...Read story

Revolver World: co-operative coffee to wake up the consumer conscience

18 Nov 2014 — We’ve told you about many projects The Phone Co-op has supported already; however, our investments in other co-operatives and social enterprises is not just limited to solar parks and wind farms. Revolver Co-operative brings Fairtrade coffee from developing countries to the UK. ..Read story


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