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"I would like to see more of our female members standing for election"

29 Jan 2014 — Linda Ward, Chair of The Phone Co-op, shares her experience after 3 years serving on our Board. Our co-op is ready to face the challenges the economic environment in general and the telecommunications industry in particular pose, she says. ..Read story

Election News. We have got the results

20 Jan 2014 — Justin Andersen and Matt Arrowsmith were re-elected, and David Legge will join our Board for the first time. They’ll be serving The Phone Co-op for three years and representing our 10,000 members in decision of key issues of our co-op. ..Read story

How to find the right mobile package

15 Jan 2014 — Our guest blogger, Dean Reilly of Cable.co.uk, offers some tips on how to choose the best mobile phone package. It can be tempting to go for unlimited calls, minutes and data, but it is worth thinking twice to make sure you don't end up paying for services you don't use. ..Read story

Only four days to go!

10 Jan 2014 — There is a lot of excitement here as it is election time. As you will know, we sent out ballot papers and candidate statements before Christmas and voting closes on Monday 13 January. Have you cast your vote yet? ..Read story

Hello and welcome to the first Membership blog!

09 Jan 2014 — Let me introduce myself – I’m Amanda Beard and I am the Secretary, Membership and Co-operative Affairs Manager of The Phone Co-op. I am proud to have worked here for 14 of the 15 years that our organisation has been around. I have a fund of experience and knowledge about it that I can share with you and that is the purpose of this new blog. ..Read story


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