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Co-operation… How?

30 Jun 2014 — Are co-operatives paying their fair share of tax? How do they differentiate from big corporations when it comes to people management? Are they supporting young entrepreneurs? These are some of the questions co-operatives asked themselves at this year’s Co-operative Congress last weekend. ..Read story

Meetings, meetings, meetings!

24 Jun 2014 — Meetings don’t necessarily equal boring and here at The Phone Co-op we don’t like to sit still and rest on our laurels. Our half-yearly meeting is coming closer, and we are holding our staff meeting and our Leadership Forum in the next days. ..Read story

It’s Co-ops Fortnight… Are you ready?

23 Jun 2014 — Prize draws, videos, events… From 21st June to 5th July, we’ll give you loads of good reasons to choose co-operative. ..Read story

Our partners: East of England

18 Jun 2014 — East of England Co-operative runs over 250 outlets in more than 70 towns and villages in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. You can find our new Pay As You Go SIMs in their supermarkets...Read story

Introducing our partners: Lincolnshire Co-op

11 Jun 2014 — Our new Pay As You Go SIM cards are now sold in over 3,800 co-operative stores across the country. Lincolnshire Co-operative, part of the Co-operative Retail Trading Group, is one of the independent societies offering this product to their customers. ..Read story


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