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Broadband contracts explained

26 Mar 2014 — We appreciate that telecoms is not necessarily an easy topic. This blog by guest blogger Dean Reilly, of telecoms advice service, clarifies what providers mean when talking about fair usage, cancelation policies or unlimited on your broadband contract. ..Read story

Europe legislates for a universal smartphone charger

19 Mar 2014 — The European Parliament backed a new legislation that will require smartphone manufacturers to produce handsets that use a standard charger. This draft law aims to make consumers’ life easier and help reduce electronic waste. ..Read story

Dividend has been applied!

11 Mar 2014 — Dividend has already been applied to our members’ share accounts. This year, dividend has reached a record 2.5% of a member’s purchases. The more you shop with us, the more you get. ..Read story

International Women's day and co-ops

07 Mar 2014 — Every year, the International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements in the public and private domain. However, 8th March is also a good time day to reflect on what is still to be done to further advance gender equality. What’s the role of co-operatives on this? ..Read story


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