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Update on our new email platform

30 May 2014 — This week we started our switch over to our new mail platform. We will be is a position to reveal our new look webmail platform next week and we’ll let you know when this is ready to use. ..Read story

All you need to know about… our new email platform

23 May 2014 — From 27 May, we’ll be making some changes to our email platform to ensure we offer a better service to our customers. We are will make the switchover as smooth as possible, but how will this affect to you? Sue Powell, member of our Product Team, gives us some clues to understand the process. ..Read story

Ive been elected by our members to look after their co-op for them

21 May 2014 — He became a director of The Phone Co-op in January. Elected by our members, he is bringing a great deal of experience in telecommunications to our Board as well as the drive to take our co-op a step further. In this new interview, we find out more about David Legge...Read story

Introducing our partners: Calverts

08 May 2014 — Worker co-operative Calverts have designed the packaging and leaflets for our new Pay As You Go SIM cards. We’ve kept it co-operative to make our new product as green and ethical as it could be. ..Read story

Interest rate update and other news

02 May 2014 — Our Board has just approved a change in the rate of interest on members’ share capital. From 1 June 2014 it’ll be 2% per annum. We’ve also changed the date of our half-yearly meeting. ..Read story


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