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How lost would you now be without your mobile?

24 Nov 2014 — We all rely on our mobile phones so much more now, but unfortunately the functionality that makes our lives easier also increases their attraction to thieves. As a result 250,000 to 300,000 handsets are stolen each year...Read story

Revolver World: co-operative coffee to wake up the consumer conscience

18 Nov 2014 — We’ve told you about many projects The Phone Co-op has supported already; however, our investments in other co-operatives and social enterprises is not just limited to solar parks and wind farms. Revolver Co-operative brings Fairtrade coffee from developing countries to the UK. ..Read story

The mobile industry: time for complete re-regulation

18 Nov 2014 — The Phone Co-op's Chief Executive, Vivian Woodell takes a look at regulation in the mobile industry. ..Read story

Oxfordshire is first British county to be officially named a Social Enterprise place

14 Nov 2014 — “Social enterprises trade to tackle some of the greatest challenges we face, from unemployment to food waste” says David Cameron, MP...Read story

The Phone Co-op feels like a genuine co-op

10 Nov 2014 — It’s been a year now since our colleague Craig Lumsden was appointed Head of Operations. In his current role, he ensures the business decisions we make are delivered in accordance with our strategic objectives and values. ..Read story


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