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Fairphone combines tech and values - It’s the choice for ethical consumers

31 Oct 2014 — If there is something Fairphone users have in common that is their awareness about the world around them. Two of our existing customers explain what they like about this ethical smartphone that is revolutionising electronics in Europe. ..Read story

Torrs Hydro: coming together to fight climate change

28 Oct 2014 — The UK’s first community-owned and funded hydropower scheme was set up in 2007. The Phone Co-op’s support back in 2012 helped to complete the project. ..Read story

Free top-up vouchers on their way! Thank you for your support

13 Oct 2014 — Our Pay As You Go customer satisfaction survey is now closed. 260 people have filled it out. They all had the opportunity to enter our prize draw, and we’ve chosen our winners!..Read story

Why be a member of The Phone Co-op?

07 Oct 2014 — We can give you a hundred reasons to join us but, obviously, you don’t have to take our word for it. Five of our existing members explain why they are with The Phone Co-op. ..Read story

15 years. Where has it gone

02 Oct 2014 — Thursday 18 September was my 15th anniversary of working for The Phone Co-op. As we have only been around for 16 years, I have had a front seat throughout and witnessed history in the making...Read story


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