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Together we’re stronger: the power of social enterprises

30 Sep 2014 — Back in March, The Phone Co-op launched its first Pay As You Go mobile service. We have to admit it was a long awaited development; however, its large set-up costs and the lack of a sizeable distribution channel kept putting us off. All this changed when another co-operative approached us…..Read story

Wedmore Community: Using the power of sun

24 Sep 2014 — The Community Energy Fortnight 2014 campaign has reached its second half and, coinciding with it, we want to introduce you to one of the latest community projects The Phone Co-op has supported. Last year, we invested £20,000 into Wedmore Community Power Co-operative. ..Read story

I own a democratically-run business

15 Sep 2014 — 15th September, the International Day of Democracy, commemorates the right of people to own political, economic, and social systems and participate in all aspects of their lives. That sounds very co-operative to me. ..Read story

Community Energy Fortnight 2014: decarbonising the UK’s power sector

11 Sep 2014 — On Saturday 13th September the UK’s Community Energy Fortnight kicks off with workshops, demonstrations and talks running up and down the country. Many energy co-ops supported by The Phone Co-op are participating in this campaign. ..Read story

Fairphone: a review

05 Sep 2014 — After eight months of using a Fairphone ethical smartphone, our Product Manager, Fiona Ravenscroft, shares her opinion of this smarter-phone that is changing the way we think of electronics. ..Read story


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