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Could you survive on the minimum wage?

31 Oct 2016 — Could you survive on the minimum wage of £7.20 per hour?.....Read story

Being on the Phone Co-op Board

27 Oct 2016 — I was elected onto the Phone Co-op Board at the last election and started my new role in February at the AGM.....Read story

Fairphone 2 gets a makeover

21 Oct 2016 — On the 18th of October, Fairphone revealed its new look. The back cover has been redesigned making it slimmer and is available in four new colours.....Read story

Connecting people by phone to break the spell of loneliness

12 Oct 2016 — We all know someone who is lonely although we probably don’t think about them very often. The distant relative who we never see. The older person who lives across the road. The teenager who is always on their own. The girl or boy at school who never mixes with other children...Read story


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