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Ethical Policy

Our Ethical Policy ensures that we conduct our business according to the values and principles of the co-operative movement.

The Phone Co-op regularly reviews its business practices and responds to the views of members, customers and employees.

Our Ethical Policy Committee appraises these views and other relevant issues, and, if necessary, amends the policy and keeps it up to date.

Download a full version of our Ethical Policy here.

Carbon offsetting - Pure Leapfrog

We pay a voluntary levy to offset all the carbon dioxide emissions resulting directly from our activities, as well as from the activities of the telecoms providers whose networks we use.

Our view is that, although offsets alone cannot solve the problem of global warming, and while there may on occasions be abuses in the way offsets are marketed, this does not invalidate their use in relation to emissions which we are unable to reduce directly (such as those of our suppliers).

So we have decided to continue to use offsets, while redoubling our efforts to reduce our own emissions where we can.

The levy is paid to Pure Leapfrog, which uses the funds to finance projects resulting in a sustainable reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, or in increased fixing of carbon from the atmosphere.