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Local success in the tough telecoms industry

06 Jul 2015 — The Phone Co-op held their Half Yearly meeting on 4 July in Chipping Norton Town Hall and were pleased to announce a 11.5% year-on-year sales increase, despite falling prices in the telecoms industry generally...Read story

Fancy winning the first smartphone to put Social Values first?

12 May 2015 — To celebrate ‘Co-operatives Fortnight’, The Phone Co-op will be helping people dispose of their old mobile phones whilst caring for the environment.....Read story

NUS competiton prize that combines savings with ethics

27 Mar 2015 — The Fairphone, the first smartphone that puts social values first, was the prize for a NUS competition combining ethics with a very competitive PAYG deal that only charges per second. ..Read story

Local workshops for local communities

23 Mar 2015 — The Phone Co-op helps build a co-operative capacity in local communities. ..Read story

Ethics align for a Fairphone prize

20 Mar 2015 — The Fairphone, the first smartphone to put social values first was donated to “the best radio station in London”. ..Read story


Notes for editors

The Co-operative Phone & Broadband, The Co-operative Mobile and The Co-operative Business Telecoms are all provided by The Phone Co-op; an independent consumer co-operative based in Chipping Norton and Manchester.

The Phone Co-op is the UK's only telecommunications co-operative, procuring telecommunications services on behalf of its customers, many of whom are co-operatives, charities and other not-for-profit organisations. The Phone Co-op's service has been taken up by over 23,000 customers, including Midcounties, Channel Islands, Southern, East of England, and Radstock Co-operative Societies, Suma Wholefoods, Christian Aid, Amnesty International, Triodos Bank, the Centre for Alternative Technology, Manchester City Council and Unison. As a co-operative owned by its customer members, The Phone Co-op distributes any profits which are not re-invested back to members via a dividend based on each member's spend and through a loan fund which supports other co-operatives.

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