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Development Fund

Supporting the social economy

We set up our Co-operative & Social Economy Development Fund to support the growth and development of other co-ops and social enterprises around the country. The fund is the main focus for our contribution to the community.

The fund was first established because co-ops, in particular, often have difficulty raising capital when they are trying to get started or wanting to expand.

Our total contributions to the fund to date are currently £362,720 (as at 31 August 2015).

Recent beneficiaries of the Development Fund have been Herefordshire New Leaf Co-operative, Positive News, Bury Community Hydro and Towy Timber.  Our investment in share capital has helped each of these projects get started.


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Bala Sport

Bala Sport - plan to take Fairtrade sports balls to the same level of awareness and sales as other popular Fairtrade products such as bananas, coffee, tea, sugar and chocolate.


Bala balls are high quality, hand or machine-stitched pieces of sports equipment that help the men and women in Pakistan who make them achieve a better life for themselves and their families through a fair price and safe working conditions. They also benefit from the extra Fairtrade Premium which allows them to invest in free healthcare, education and clean water systems. The Phone Co-op's Co-operative & Social Economy Development Fund invested £15,000 in share capital in the co-operative to help provide the start-up financing the project required.

Why the name Bala? In Spanish it means fast like a bullet and, closer to home, in Gaelic, it simply means ball!

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