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How we're different

What is a co-operative?

 Co-operatives organisations are owned and run by and for their members. They share their profits with their members and operate both ethically and democratically for the good of its employees, customers, members and the wider community.

A different way of doing business

While other businesses focus on the pursuit of profits at all costs, we think about our impact on the world and how we can make it a better place while still giving our customers the best possible service.

We give something back

We tread lightly

  • Our electricity comes from renewable sources.
  • We offset our own CO2 emissions and those of our suppliers.
  • We choose ethical suppliers, locally where possible, and treat them fairly.

Did you know?

We are a Living Wage employer as people matter to us. Find out more here.


Need help?

Call us on 01608 434 000 for assistance, or send us an e-mail and we'll call you.