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Day 11

On the Eleventh Day, we’re supporting: North Cotswold Community Awareness


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Tackling Rural Poverty - A helping hand for North Cotswold families

It is a shocking fact that even in the idyllic surroundings of the North Cotswolds, rural poverty sadly exists. Children go without basics such as warm clothing, fresh food and a bed to sleep on.  Isolated village families on low incomes are forced to cope with inadequate public transport which translates into difficulties in accessing health and welfare support for parents and their children.  This in turn leads to a variety of social and financial problems.

In England 9.8m people – or 19% of the population – live in rural settings and while on average people in rural areas have better health than those in cities, the popular idea of the affluent country life is a misconception.

Official statistics have failed to capture the reality that many residents scattered across rural communities face deprivation, poverty and poor health.

The Difference They Make

By working with agencies in the North Cotswolds, Community Awareness supports young children from low income families experiencing hardship and deprivation, helping to meet their urgent and emergency needs

In improving the lives of these children, the belief is that there will be long term benefits not only for their own families, but also for the community in which they live

Support North Cotswold Community Awareness

*Please note that The Phone Co-op does not have a partnership with the mentioned organizations. The purpose of this advent calendar is to promote and create awareness about the work they do.