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Field Studies Council

The Field Studies Council (FSC) is an environmental education charity. It provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover, explore, and understand the environment.

Set up in 1943, FSC now runs 19 Field Studies Centres at locations across the UK, including two in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland and four in Wales, which provide unique outdoor learning for school, college and university students, professional training for teachers and environmentalists, a wide range of adult courses including art and natural history, and family holidays. Each year over 140,000 people use the resources provided by FSC.

Exploring the natural environment near Preston Montford Field Centre

The Phone Co-op provides the telephone systems, broadband and line rental at all centres, some of which are in very remote locations.

Dr James Drever, IT Manager at Field Studies Council, said: "A few years ago we were using a number of different suppliers and we needed to consolidate. The Phone Co-op were competitive on price but there was also an ethical angle. We were happy to work with a co-operative.

"They are also easy to deal with, you can phone them and always get to talk to someone who can help. It's much better customer service than you get from a large supplier".

Guy Ohlenschlager, Corporate Sales Manager at The Phone Co-op, said: "We've installed excellent phone systems and extended Wi-Fi networks at their centres across the UK. If something fails, which is very rare, we guarantee to replace the equipment the following morning."

For more about the Field Studies Council please visit their website.