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Supporting helplines to meet caller's needs

We have teamed up with the Helplines Partnership to offer help, advice and advantageous pricing on all your communications needs.

As a specialist in the charity sector organisation, we understand helplines exist to provide confidential support to callers in a variety of ways. 

In the current economic environment, we also recognise that saving money is important to the charities which operate these helplines. We are here to provide your organisation with honest advice and transparent pricing. It’s why you are greeted by knowledgeable, experienced telecommunications professionals when you contact our UK based customer service team.
Did you know?
The call types and pricing structures available to non-profits have changed in recent years. This has resulted in confusion for both callers and helpline operators: 
  • 0844 and 0845 numbers are now known as Business Rate Numbers. They can cost callers up to 18 pence per minute (ppm) from landlines and as much as 61ppm from mobiles.
  • 0800 and 0808 although free to callers, have seen major cost increases for most helpline providers.
  • 01/02 are geographic numbers and may not be appropriate for an organisation seeking to be recognised as a national provider.
The Helplines Freephone Range (HFR) is the only range of telephone numbers exclusively available to helplines offering free and confidential calls to the caller and affordable operating costs for the helpline.  These dedicated 0808 80 freephone numbers are available to helplines that meet Helplines Partnership’s criteria via The Phone Coop. 
We are offering a free Helplines Telephony Health Check to determine:
  • You are using the most appropriate type of inbound number.
  • Your charity is receiving best pricing for that number.
  • Caller confidentiality is protected.
  • Calls are routed to the right person in your organisation, as efficiently as possible
Call us for your free health check on 01608 434 555, email our team or download the FAQs brochure.