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Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking

There are many reasons to transition to a Hosted PBX service and many businesses are already replacing their traditional phone lines with this future-proofed solution. Hosted PBX’s offer all of the functionality of a traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone system spread over multiple locations with multiple users without the need for maintaining large levels of onsite hardware. With swift deployment and low capital costs your phone system always stays up to date and has levels of flexibility and expansion that a fixed solution cannot provide..

With two distinct products, PBX Lite and PBX Pro we can offer a solution for any size of organisation and any number of users.

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Why use The Phone Co-op’s Hosted PBX?
  • Connect from any suitable internet connection with plug and play deployment
  • Easily integrate multiple sites to a single system
  • Scale your system up or down within 24 hours
  • Reduce capital costs
  • Remove ongoing maintenance costs
  • Increased resiliency by moving to a cloud solution
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The Phone Co-op’s Hosted PBX offer includes:
  • Scalable to 1,000 users
  • Hunt Groups and advanced call routing plans
  • Auto-attendant IVR’s
  • On screen control panels and wallboards
  • Time based routing
  • Call recording
  • Call reports

Already Have a Hardware Phone System But Want To Save Money?

SIP Trunks are the answer. SIP enables you to use a compatible hardware telephone system and connect it to the internet for your calls, without the need for keeping all your fixed lines. Each SIP trunk channel acts in the same way as a telephone line enabling a single call to be made or received and includes 2,500 inclusive UK minutes. SIP can help reduce your monthly rental costs and allow you flex your call capacity within 24 hours.

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Why Choose The Phone Co-op For Your Business?

Co-operative working
We're a Co-operative
As the UK’s only Telecoms Co-operative we are owned by our members and run for the benefit of our customers. We are part of one of the largest Co-operatives in the UK, The Midcounties Co-operative, which is a £1.9 billion business.
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Our team
All of our team are based in either Manchester of Chipping Norton. They don’t do hard sells and are passionate about providing a fair service.

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