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Business Line Rental & Phone Providers - The Phone Co-op

The Phone Co-op is a business line rental provider with standard care and enhanced care packages. Delivered and maintained through the Openreach network, we are ideal for supporting vital business services. We install and transfer analogue, multi-auxiliary, ISDN2e and ISDN30 services which can be used to support vital business services such as:

  • Voice services and calls
  • Broadband and Fibre connections
  • Telephone systems
  • Fax machines
  • Payment machines (PDQ)
  • Alarm services
  • Broadcast equipment
  • Door entry systems and intercoms
  • Lift alarms

Analogue lines are still essential for handling a whole host of services that rely on an analogue transmission and are also great for resiliency, back up, and emergency failover.

Need to handle multiple calls?

As expert business phone line providers, we offer multiple options to users. 

  • Single analogue line -  a single analogue line is a single number and single line
  • Multi-auxiliary line - a multi-auxiliary line has a single number and multiple lines that allow you to make and receive several calls at once without the need for any expensive hardware. Each line will ring in sequence to find an available phone so your callers will not hear an engaged tone
  • ISDN services - the next level up is ISDN services which are digital or fibre based telephone lines specifically designed for supporting telephone systems. These can offer Direct Dial Numbers (DDIs) which are a range of geographic extension numbers that you can assign to staff or departments to help control how calls are managed.

ISDN lines will require a dedicated telephone system to operate, so why not get the whole package from us and consolidate your services?

To find out more about our business line rental solutions, fill out the form or call our team today.