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Plunkett Foundation and The Phone Co-op

Connecting rural communities

As the only UK telecoms co-operative, we’re committed to working with other co-operatives in their local communities. So we’re especially delighted to partner with The Plunkett Foundation and support its work in helping rural co-ops safeguard vital services like pubs, cafés and village shops, or establish new ones to answer local needs.

Effective phone and broadband services are particularly important in isolated rural areas. The Phone Co-op works with community organisations across the UK, keeping their workforce and volunteers connected and helping them run an effective service for their customers.

About our partnership

The Plunkett Foundation has over 500 member co-operatives, all of whom provide essential local services to rural communities.

We offer members a range of services from mobile phone contracts, landlines and broadband packages, and all Plunkett co-operatives can take advantage of our Enterprise Fund, giving you up to £250 worth of credit on your bills.

Plunkett Foundation Case Studies

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