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Support Staffordshire

Support Staffordshire is a support and development organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector operating across Staffordshire. It aims to help local groups to be the best they can be. 

The community and social responsibility values that are shared between The Phone Co-op and Support Staffordshire, made The Phone Co-op an attractive supplier for Support Staffordshire.

Support Staffordshire joined The Phone Co-op as a customer in April 2017 - with the purchase of our Unified Communications solutions and ADSL for 18 users at their site in Leek.

Esther Jones, team leader at Support Staffordshire, explains why they choose The Phone Co-op for their services in Leek ‘ To begin with the sales team explained their offer very clearly in plain English, and made sure we understood it. We were looking primarily for a cheaper option from a supplier we could trust. Initially it was a bit of a leap of faith as the Phone Coop’s offer was not comparable with our previous supplier, but we really liked the options that a UC system can provide – for example the versatility to revise our set up cheaply and easily as staffing and office occupancy levels change, and the ability to divert calls to mobiles for those of us who are out and about a good deal.’ 

‘Have we saved money? There were obviously the initial installation and set up costs, but I expect we will be saving money overall within 2-3 years.’
‘And I should add, the after-sales service has been excellent too. Both the sales and business services teams have been easy to work with where we have asked questions or amended our account.’