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The Bevy Pub

Based in Moulsecoomb, Brighton, The Bevy Pub was the first co-operative pub on a housing estate in the UK.  Serving a community of nearly 18,000 people, it is a local hub, offering space to meet and chill out, it has create jobs in the local area, plus attract investment. It is democratically run and any surplus goes back to the community.

In May 2013, this community venture received a £5,000 investment from The Phone Co-op.

Helen Jones, Secretary of the Bevy Pub, says:

“Our project is about power in the hands of people. We are trying to say that things don’t have to have a massive profit margin; they don’t have to be run by big directors; they can be run by people like you and me. And we can achieve what we want by coming together and having a say in things not being told what to do but deciding co-operatively what we want to do”.

The Bevy Pub has raised £44,250 in share capital from 546 shareholders towards its ambitious target of £50,000 - the highest number of members of any co-op pub in the country.

For more about The Bevy Community Pub visit their website