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What broadband can I get?

Business Broadband and Business Fibre

We provide all the broadband your business could need; fast, superfast, ultrafast -  nearly the Flash fast.  All support comes as standard with our expert team in Manchester and calls are answered in less than 80 seconds. 

Our packages come with included line rental, a static IP and a preconfigured router as standard and our prices are fair and transparent. 

All services have an enhanced package for more critical services which includes priotised traffic, higher line renal SLA’s and an 8-hour fault response time.

Business broadband

  • Speeds up to 24Mbps download
  • Perfect for smaller businesses
  • Small downloads and backups
  • Web, email and social browsing

Business Superfast fibre

  • Speeds up to 76Mbps download
  • Perfect for bigger businesses 
  • Fibre Broadband 
  • Perfect for Unified Communications and video conferencing
  • Large downloads and file backups

Business UltraFast fibre

  • Speeds up to 330Mbps download
  • Perfect for businesses that need a bit more
  • Lots of large downloads and file backups
  • Heavy web use
  • Perfect for Unified Communications and video conferencing