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Broadband for your Business

We provide all of the broadband your business could need, no matter what your size. Fast, superfast, ultrafast, reliable, scalable and cost effective.

  • Unlimited usage allowances
  • Premium line rental
  • 24 hour line fault repair (Enhanced services)
  • Static IP included
  • Business grade routers
  • 20 Hour broadband fault fix (Enhanced services)
  • 24 month contract
  • Free Caller Display
  • UK based contact centre
  • Up to 330 Mbps Max downstream (Ultrafast Fibre)
  • Up to 50 Mbps Max upstream (Ultrafast Fibre)

Let's check your availability

Check my line

If you enter your number, we will:

  • Provide you with the most accurate speeds
  • Be able to keep your number if you choose to switch to us
  • Not use this or any other details for any purposes other than this check
How do I find my number?

To find your landline number:

  • Plug a working telephone into a phone socket and dial 17070 to hear the phone number
  • Call a mobile from your landline and the number should show on the screen

Our Packages

Essential package from £25.00 per month

Ideal for any size of organisation for supporting standard internet services

Unlimited Usage

Inclusive Static IP

Maximum download speeds from 24Mbps up to an Ultrafast 330Mbps1

Premium business Line rental2

Inclusive business router

Standard care (internet service)

Enhanced package from £35.00 per month

Designed for more business critical environments with higher SLAs

Unlimited Usage

Inclusive Static IP

Maximum download speeds from 24Mbps up to an Ultrafast 330Mbps1

High Care business line rental with same day fix2

Inclusive premium Draytek router

Enhanced Care (Internet service)

1 Speeds are subject to service availability

2 Not applicable on Ultrafast services which do not require a line rental service

Business Broadband Explained 

Business packages are tailored for businesses and carry certain advantages over home broadband connections. At The Phone Co-op we keep it simple with two packages, Essential and Enhanced.

Business broadband provides you with faster speeds, allowing your business to upload files, hold video conferences and keep your staff connected. We provide Ultrafast Fibre with our Enhanced package. 

With business broadband you also get improved care packages and at The Phone Co-op we provide access to a specialist support centre, based in the UK, available 24/7 - Giving you peace of mind.

You will receive an enhanced router, we provide a premium router with our packages, which is more powerful and can provide greater coverage and greater level of security than a standard router. 

It's never been more important to have a reliable internet connection to run your business from, and business broadband will provide the high care levels that your organisation requires. 

Static IP Addresses and Broadband for Business

With business broadband you will be provided with a static IP address, this is useful for businesses as it allows you to host your own server and website. 

It's also important because it allows you and your team to connect to your business remotely whilst working remotely and particularly now this is very important with the majority of people working from home.  

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Frequently asked questions

How can I maintain a strong internet connection all around the office?

The best way to ensure a stable connection is to have a fixed cable solution, in particular CAT5 or CAT6 sockets all connected back to your router. If you are using wireless there are several things you can do to help maintain a stronger internet connection. Firstly, try to place your router in a central location (not in a locked room) and consider your office geography; thickness of walls, large metal structures and other electrical signals can all affect your WiFi signal. You can also use repeaters or “access points” to increase your signal range if you are across multiple floors or in a large open plan space.We also advise separating any guest networks so visitor and client usage doesn’t affect your work and to maintain security. Finally, check your router to see if it is functioning properly, you may need to upgrade.

Can I upgrade to a new business broadband deal?

If you are approaching the end of your contract, want to upgrade or add any additional services to your business broadband, you can upgrade to a new deal. Whether you want standard broadband or Ultrafast Fibre business broadband, we offer Essential or Enhanced business broadband packages to suit different business needs. Read up on why you need business broadband for your business.

How easy is it to switch?

Switching broadband is easy. To start the switch, check what service is available for your business and follow the steps to purchase online; you will be sent the router (if required) and any equipment to set up your business broadband for simple plug and play. Generally, Switching broadband takes around 2 weeks for the majority of internet providers, including The Phone Co-op. Find out more about how to switch broadband providers.

I already have broadband, how do I switch?

If you already have a business broadband contract you can still switch providers. Start by considering if you need standard or Ultrafast broadband and compare deals. Once you have chosen a new deal, you will be sent everything you need to get online. Your new provider will then initiate the cancellation period with your old provider, normally this will include 30 days notice.

Should I cancel my current broadband service?

If you currently use a business broadband service with another provider there is no need to cancel it, in most cases you can simply transfer it to The Phone Co-op (called a migration). Just check on your current contract details to avoid any penalties from your current supplier and place a new order with us. We will handle the transition for you.

What broadband packages are available in my area?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution with broadband. Your broadband options will depend on where your business is located, what speeds you require and how you use your service. To check what speeds and packages are available in your area, use our Broadband Checker. Just enter your postcode and/or the corresponding landline number to see what broadband options are available to you.