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Business Mobile Plans

At The Phone Co-op we can provide services over the 02 network. Coupled with The Phone Co-op’s friendly customer service, fair business practices and our co-operative difference we have the best options for your business.

Persons hand using a mobile phone

Why Use The Phone Co-op For business mobiles?

  • Transparent pricing from the UK’s only Telecoms Co-operative
  • Simple bundles with inclusive minutes and texts 
  • Multiple network options
  • 12 month contracts
  • Keep your current mobile numbers
  • Shared data options
Lady on he mobile in a meeting with colleagues

Fairphone 3, the perfect match for your company’s values

Reliable, secure and ready to do business

  • Fair and recycled materials
  • Fast, safe and reliable
  • Modular, repairable design
  • Removable long-life battery
  • Committed to fairness

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Fairphone for business

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