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Business Mobile Broadband Deals

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  • SIM only
  • 1GB - 100GB data bundles
From £6.00 per month
(inc vat £7.20)
Set up fees may apply

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Mobile Broadband FAQs

What is mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband is a portable internet option that works with a mobile network that delivers broadband internet speeds through 4G services - the same way you use your smartphone internet data. There are many forms of mobile broadband including; data-only SIM cards, Dongles or Pocket WiFi. See our mobile broadband deals for business.

Who is mobile broadband good for?

Mobile broadband is designed for people on-the-move, so it’s a good option if you’re working and travelling at the same time but need a reliable high-speed internet connection. Mobile broadband is also a good option for light internet users or for those who don’t have a fixed phone line available to them but need a reliable connection - mostly likely in very rural areas. In fact, in some areas, a mobile 4G network is faster than the fixed-line connection available.

Why should I use mobile broadband?

You should use mobile broadband if you desire a reliable, fast internet connection that is portable. Whether you are travelling, working in remote locations or even streaming music in your car mobile broadband is a good option for access to a 4G network. It’s also a good temporary option if you only need mobile data to work from your phone.

How does Mobile Broadband work?

Mobile Broadband works through several different mediums; dongles, data only SIM-cards or a portable router. A dongle can be inserted like a USB into your laptop or computer to connect to the internet. A data-only SIM can be put in your smartphone and a portable router is designed to be plugged into your device wherever you go for a fast, reliable internet connection. 

Can Mobile Broadband be used as Wi-Fi?

Mobile broadband can be used as WiFi in some instances, most commonly routers can be used to create Wi-Fi hotspots as well as mobile SIM cards. The mobile router turns a cellular service into an access point for high-speed internet access for mobiles and laptops.

What are the benefits?

Apart from a portable high-speed internet connection; mobile broadband also requires no installation or set up, you can just plug-in and go - making it a good option for travelling or even small businesses who operate outside. Most devices are small, so they are easy to carry, making them a good temporary internet solution. They can also be a cheaper option if you are not a heavy internet user.

Are there any potential downsides?

The downsides of mobile broadband depend on your business. If you are planning on heavy internet usage in the office with many people using the internet on a daily basis, this could become costly. Instead, a business broadband package might be more suitable. Mobile broadband devices normally come with lower data allowances which are usually capped being a big limitation compared to a fixed-line with unlimited downloads.

What devices can I use mobile broadband on?

Generally, mobile broadband can be used on any portable device that has access to the internet, this includes mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops or any device that can connect through a portable modem, USB wireless modem, or mobile SIM card.

Can I use mobile broadband overseas?

Yes, you can use mobile broadband abroad, but always be aware that depending on where you are travelling it may incur additional fees. Currently most EU destinations are included in your allowance but other destinations can be very expensive when using mobile data.

Outside the EU, roaming can be expensive, and as of 1st November 2017, roaming outside the EU is subject to 20% VAT. Most handsets have a setting that will allow you to disable roaming and data roaming, so you can choose whether or not to make and receive calls or use data while abroad. We can also switch roaming off for you if your handset or device doesn't have this option.

If you are travelling outside the UK please contact our customer service team on 01608 434070 to ensure your ‘Roaming’ facility is active and check on any potential rates. Please note that as standard we bar international access to avoid excess costs to our customers, so please ensure that you get in touch to discuss this before travelling.