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12m SIM only - Business MBB 40GB (Vodafone)

SIM Only12m SIM only - Business MBB 40GB (Vodafone)
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12m SIM only - Business MBB 40GB (Vodafone)

£34.80 per month
(£29.00 excl vat)

SIM only 40GB Mobile Broadband - strong, reliable signal delivered over the Vodafone network.

  • 40GB of 4G Mobile Broadband
  • Data used within the EU is also included1
  • 12 month contract
  • Keep your number

Use the Ofcom mobile checker to find out the indoor/outdoor 3G and 4G coverage in your area.

Please note that your first months allowance is pro rata and so if you take a package part way through the month you will only receive and be charged for a proportionate amount of any bundles and/or allowances

Pricing is valid as of 1st April 2018 and includes VAT at 20%.
1Fair usage applies, contact us for full destination details

Cancellations: If you cancel your contract before it expires then you must pay the rest of the charges due in the contract period or the termination fee, whichever is less. The termination fee will be £73.00. For example, if you wish to terminate 1 £10.00 a month 12 month contract after 6 months then you would pay £10.00 multiplied by 6 i.e. a total of £60.00. If you had a £40.00 a month 12 month contract, then the termination fee of £73.00 would be applied, as that is less than £40.00 multiplied by 6.

See full terms of service on our terms & conditions page

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