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Broadband and Energy for your home

Get a great price with Co-op Midcounties for broadband and energy. Socially responsible, green energy tariff, and the Phone Co-op broadband with your Fair Price Promise. Choose a fairer, better world with our co-op home services.

As a Midcounties Member, we give you even more

We’ll give you a £50 credit when you sign up for Superfast Fibre broadband. A Fair Price Promise and great value for money. Enter your postcode below to check what speeds are available in your area.


Terms & Conditions
  1. This offer applies to Superfast Fibre Broadband products and all broadband products, and is available to Midcounties Members until 30 June 2021.
  2. This offer is available to Co-op Midcounties Members switching their services to The Phone Co-op from another supplier and not existing Phone Co-op customers.
  3. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 
  4. A credit of £50.00 (inc. VAT) will be applied to the member's account with The Phone Co-op after 3 months of the contract period.


Want to know what broadband you can get?   

Check my line

If you enter your number, we will:

  • Provide you with the most accurate speeds
  • Be able to keep your number if you choose to switch to us
  • Not use this or any other details for any purposes other than this check
How do I find my number?

To find your landline number:

  • Plug a working telephone into a phone socket and dial 17070 to hear the phone number
  • Call a mobile from your landline and the number should show on the screen

Switching to The Phone Co-op is a breeze

We’ll guide you through the process of switching to our services step by step. All packages include line rental, 12 months FREE BullGuard internet Security, and are guaranteed with your Fair Price Promise.

Still in contract with a different Broadband provider?  

How do I become a Member of Co-op Midcounties?

Just sign up today and you can enjoy the benefits of being part of one of the largest co-ops in the UK. You can be involved as much or as little as you like, and you’ll benefit through Member offers and rewards.

Find the broadband package that's right for you 

No longer a Co-op Energy Customer?

You still can get your home services together - Superfast Fibre Broadband and a Green Energy tariff all from the same great ethical business.

Your Fair Price Promise

We guarantee there’ll be no price hikes at the end of your contract. We will advise you when you are out of contract and we’re proudly the Ethical Consumer Best Buy for the 5th year running.

What broadband can I get?

​Check what broadband is available in your area. 

Our Fair Price Promise: your best value guarantee.
Choose any of our Fibre or Unlimited Broadband deals and we guarantee there’ll be no nasty price hikes, plus when your contract ends, you’ll carry on paying our lowest standard rate. Ethical Consumer Best Buy broadband from the UK’s only telecommunications co-op.

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Frequent Asked Questions

How long will it take to get broadband up and running once I've ordered?

If you are new to The Phone Co-op we'll aim to get you up and running within two weeks but sometimes it can take longer. Once we have processed your order we'll be able to give you an estimated switchover date.

Which broadband option is right for me?

Click here to use our line checker and choose from one of our packages.

Do I have to pay a setup fee?

Our Superfast Fibre - Self Install has no setup fee. Self install means you plug in the pre-configured router and you are ready to go online.  

There is no setup fee for our standard unlimited broadband if you choose the 24-month contract. If you choose the 12-month contract, there is a £20 set up fee.

For the Business Fibre setup fee please contact the sales team on 01608 434 070 or email

Do I get a new router?

You will get a free router when you switch. However, if you are switching to our Unlimited broadband, we encourage you to re-use your old reouter and save £1 on monthly bills to help tackle e-waste.

If you are switching to our Superfast Fibre we recommend you to use the new router provided with your package.

For business customers, we only supply free routers with the Business All-in-one package. If you have any questions please contact our Business team on 01608 434 070.

What is Superfast Fibre?

Superfast broadband technology uses a fibre optic cable which gives you a much higher download and upload speeds.

If I switch to The Phone Co-op and I still have a contract with another company will they charge me?

You'll have to contact your current supplier regarding any termination fees.

What affects my broadband speed?

- How close do you live to your telephone exchange

- The length and the quality of your telephone home wiring

- Whether your broadband microfilters are correctly installed

- Processing speed of your computer, router or modem

- The speed of connection between your computer and router/modem (an ethernet cable is faster than WIFI)

What happens if I'm not happy with my Broadband service?

A: If there’s any problem with speed and you’re not getting the speeds we’ve told you your line is capable of, we’ll do our best to resolve the issue. If you’re not completely satisfied after 30 days of reporting your problem, you can walk away, no questions asked. This promise applies for the duration of your contract with The Phone Co-op.

This guarantee only applies if the issue is due to problems with the broadband service we provide. It does not apply to problems with the copper line supplying your home, or with your Wi-Fi connection from the router to your device (for example if you get good speed in one room and poor speed in another, it is likely to be down to the router signal, not the broadband speed).

The guarantee applies if you are not getting the minimum specified broadband speed in your order details. It does not apply to the advertised average or ‘up to’ speeds. You must use our speed checker at  so we can view the speed you are achieving and confirm whether you are achieving the minimum specified speed or not.

Also please note the following:

  • If you cancel a planned engineer visit, we may extend the deadline by a reasonable period so that we have time to work together and resolve the problem.
  • If you can’t attempt to diagnose or resolve the problem when you report it to us, for example if you are away from home or the affected premises when you report the problem, we may extend the deadline by a reasonable period.
  • If you repeatedly miss planned engineer appointments or fail to take reasonable steps as requested by us – meaning that we can’t help to diagnose or solve the problem – the guarantee will no longer apply, and you will be charged for your broadband as originally agreed and a missed appointment charge will be added to your bill. You will be told when this has happened and we will clearly explain why.
  • There may be other exceptional circumstances beyond our control – for example, a missed or delayed Openreach appointment, the need to obtain street works permissions or severe weather which causes multiple faults across parts of the UK – which make us technically unable to resolve the speed problem. In this instance, we may ask you for more time to see if we can fix the issue.

What happens if I move house?

Moving house? We need at least two weeks' notice to move all of your services smoothly. So let us know when you are moving and we'll arrange phone and broadband for your new house once you have a working line, and cut off the broadband service at your old address.

Still in contract with a different Broadband supplier?

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