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Ethical Consumer is a not-for-profit cooperative that provides consumers the tools and resources they need to make their choices simple, informed and effective. 

Ethical Consumer rate the ethics of companies and their Best Buy label is only awarded to products and services whose environmental and ethical record warrant it. It is the last word on ethical labelling making it really easy for consumers to find the product and services that reflect their principles. 

At The Phone Co-op we’re proud to have been awarded the Best Buy label from the Ethical Consumer for the fourth year running. We offer the best value broadband in the UK and promote sustainability by promoting SIM only phone packages instead of upgrading to a new mobile phone. 

Alongside our Best Buy label, we’re partners with Fairphone, the leader in sustainable electronics of the world’s most ethical smartphone, the Fairphone 3.

Our Fair Price Promise: your guarantee of best value

Choose Superfast Fibre or Unlimited Broadband and we guarantee there’ll be no nasty price hikes, plus when your contract ends, you’ll carry on paying our lowest standard rate

Ethical Consumer Best Buy broadband from the UK’s only telecommunications co-op

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