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Conversity and The Phone Co-op shortlisted for ‘Online Innovation of the Year’ by Retail System Awards

Published date: April 2020

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We’re pleased to announce that our partner Conversity has been shortlisted for ‘Online Innovation of the Year’ by the Retail System Awards for their work with The Phone Co-op. The Conversity solution has had a great impact on our ability to communicate closely with our customers, providing a useful tool that helps our customers, making their buying decisions much easier. 

Broadband connectivity is now an essential utility in the home and an essential part of life for everyone. But getting the best broadband in your home can seem tricky and complicated. Research tells us many consumers lack the knowledge to find a fair deal to meet their needs. The Conversity solution has enabled the ability to improve our customer experience with a simple to use tool, providing tailored and personaliszed solutions for prospective customers.  

Jacci Marcus, Head of Residential Business for The Phone Co-op commented, “Thanks to the Conversity tool, we have greater insights into our customers’ behaviour, which has given us an extra edge when it comes to launching new products, updating offers or maximising cross-sell opportunities. This flexibility is integral to the way we operate, and Conversity has ticked all the boxes in this respect.

“Most importantly, however, the solution has led to happier members and customers who are more engaged with our brand. This has been achieved in large part due to the professionalism and expertise displayed by the Conversity team throughout the project. We’re looking forward to continuing to break new ground with this technology in the future.”

The Phone Co-op is the only UK telecoms co-operative and our aim is to a build long, sustainable relationship with our customers. Sarah Cameron, Director of Customer Experience at Conversity stated that “The Phone Co-op are real innovators in the Telco market with a strong focus on meeting customer needs and providing an exceptional experience. Working in partnership and being shortlisted for this award demonstrates the positive impact that can be achieved”.

At the Phone Co-op we’re passionate about fairness and we try to understand each step our customers face when buying our products, the Conversity tool has transformed the way we approach our customers, making these decisions much easier. By just answering some questions, it recommends the ideal product to suit your needs; from which broadband package with our Fair Price Promise to the ethical Fairphone or easy-to-use Doro mobiles. 

Let us help you choose the perfect Broadband and Mobile plan


The Retail System Awards recognise technology excellence and innovation within the retail sector. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 19th October 2020.


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