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Make 2020 your year of living sustainably. 5 New Year’s resolutions that care for the planet

Published date: January 2020

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New Year, new life. The start of a new calendar can be a good reason to start new habits, such as recycling, saving energy or water, using a bike instead of the car or adopting healthier eating. We bring you several resolutions that you shouldn’t miss to live more sustainably this year.

Green energy

Save electricity. Make the most of natural light and turn off the lamps every time you leave the room. Replace bulbs with low energy bulbs or LEDs, which optimize energy. Make sure that your house has the correct temperature both when it’s cold as well as hot so you’re heating your home and not the planet.

It is also possible to switch to an electricity provider that is green, making sure that the origin of the electricity only uses renewable sources of energy. 

Sustainability in the food system

The way food is produced, processed and distributed contributes towards the health of our population as well as on a personal level. The demands and structure of our current food system create a significant impact on the environment. According to data from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), livestock is the sector that emits the most greenhouse gases, approximately 18%, which after its transportation represents 22%.  

We encourage you to buy locally and choose Fair Trade products where possible. And if you’re up for a big change this month, or even year, then the charity Veganuary is launching their awareness campaign to make the transition to veganism as easy and enjoyable as possible. Also, we are delighted to see the new vegan range of Coop Food, 35 meat-free products with plant-based versions of chilli con carne, sticky toffee pudding or steak bake.

Recycle more and better

This year we all should apply these three ‘R’ rules: Reduce, Recycle and Re-use. We should remember that recycling is a daily habit for the 365 days of the year. So in 2020, get a reusable coffee cup, shop plastic-free or repair something rather than buying new. 

Nowadays, in almost every industry you can find products that have been produced under fair conditions. It’s the case of Fairphone, the smartphone that is made from recycled materials and the first mobile that contains Fairtrade gold, plus its production didn’t exploit anybody in any way.

The used device market is also growing fast and this is changing the market. Market saturation and a slowing upgrade cycle is an opportunity for longer-life devices and greater reuse. We’d like you to use your current devices for as long as you can because the most environmentally friendly electronic device is most likely to be the one you already have.

Use of public transport or walk if short distance

Try to avoid using the car when you go to work or the local shop when you can. Not only does this have benefits for your health, but you’ll help to reduce the emissions in our atmosphere as well as reducing traffic on our roads. 

Become a sustainable volunteer

Sustainable volunteering is a commitment of giving back to the community without leaving a destructive footprint. And buying second hand isn’t the only way. You can join projects organized by an environmental organization. This year, the #trashtag challenge inspired a group of people to use their free time doing something positive for the environment such as cleaning up rivers, litter picking in parks and beaches or planting trees.

Get a friend to join you in and together you can make a real difference. Talk to your friends, colleagues and family, and encourage them to make one of their New Year’s resolutions helping to save our planet.



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