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Fairphone 2 software update

Published date: February 2018

By Pat Moral

Some owners of newer Fairphone 2 phones are experiencing stability issues. In most cases this issue causes the phone to reboot once per day (often while not in active use). A smaller number of phones are experiencing a higher rate of reboots. This issue affects mostly Fairphone 2s sold after August 2017.

Our advice to impacted phone owners is to install the latest Fairphone software update (Fairphone OS 18.02.0) and the supplementary Special Update which resolves the rebooting issue.

Owners of all Fairphone 2s will receive an alert prompting them to install this update - following the same process as routine monthly software updates. We highly recommend installing new software updates once they become available and when you are connected to a WIFI network so you don't use up your data.

If you have missed the notification on your phone you can install the software update by following these simple steps:
• Go to Settings
• Scroll down to System
• Click About phone
• Click Updater
• This will take you through to the Fairphone updater screen
• Click the Install button
• Update will install and phone will auto restart
• Job done. Your Fairphone software is up-to-date

Please get in touch with our Customer Services team if you need further assistance.



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