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How to keep your number when you switch mobile providers

Published date: March 2018


By Pat Moral

Some people feel daunted by the idea of switching mobile provider. They think that they'll lose their old number or that they’ll be without service for weeks. 

In fact, the process is quick and easy and you can keep your old number, all you have to do is follow some easy steps:
  1. Make sure you’re not under contract with your existing provider, otherwise you may have to pay up the rest of the contract before you can switch
  2.  If you are going down the route of SIM only, check that your handset is unlocked so you can use it with whatever network your new provider has
  3. Check your new provider’s network coverage in your area, you don’t want to switch to then find out that you get a poor signal
  4. Ask your current provider for a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code), which they – by law – must send to you within two hours of the request. Your PAC number is normally made up of nine digits and is valid for 30 days. 
  5. Before it expires, you need to take your PAC code to your new provider which (who) will setup your new services.

You shouldn’t lose service while your number is switching networks. Your number will stay active on your old SIM up until it becomes active on your new SIM. When that happens all you have to do is swap the SIM cards on your handset, then check your new SIM works and that the number has been transferred across.

Our final tip: try to match the end date of your old contract with the start date of your new one to prevent overlap.

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