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Top consideration points for Cloud telephony

Published date: December 2016

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With constant advances in telecom technology, the usage of cloud-based telephony is rising in popularity and many businesses are now considering upgrading their current systems.

Here are some points to consider when looking at upgrading your telecom system to cloud-based.

Do the maths. It’s worth it?

Hosted or Cloud based platforms eliminate the overheads of maintaining on-site hardware as well as potentially reducing current line rental costs. Understand what ‘Extras’ apply.

  • Make sure you take time to fully understand what the costs will be! The advertised costs from certain providers may well not be what they seem. Make sure that there are no hidden charges for extra features that you require.

Ensure Customer Service

  • Yes you’re buying a cloud platform, but you still need people! Does the provider offer access to dedicated technical staff? Do they match your business hours or just use their own? Make sure you choose an IP provider that can offer professional support when you need it!

Integration capabilities

  • Can the provider help you integrate it in with your business systems? Do they have the ability? Can they customise it for you? A smart telecoms provider should be able to offer you the capability to integrate with your CRM, billing and other business systems!

How good is their knowledge?

  • Is the suggested solution a true replacement for your on premise system? Can they allocate multi-level IVR, groups, queues and granular management capabilities for larger organisations?

Is your connection good enough?

  • There are some benefits to cloud telephony and line convergence is one of them! If you’re running off ADSL and telephony is a crucial aspect to your business, use some savings and get a stable connection to support your new platform!

Beware. Firewall may mess with traffic

  • It is important not to just assume that your companies firewall will be ok because you can access the internet. Check that your firewall is supported and that you can deactivate any potentially problematic Application Layer Gateway (ALG) technologies if needed. If you don’t your system could become unpredictable! This can cause issues such as one way audio and connections coming and going. 

Make sure your site is secure

  • How secure do you need to be? Do you need dedicated lines or secure transmission?

Get references

Benefit from the experiences of others when considering a telecoms provider! Getting references form other businesses that have had similar telephony requirements. You can learn what worked well and want didn’t ahead of any implementation. Using these references is great for sharing best practice, saving you time and ultimately money


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