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Why being a member could benefit your business

Published date: March 2017

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By Pat Moral

What is a Co-operative Enterprise?

Quite often they look like any other business on the surface but what makes co-operatives unique is that they are owned by individual members, not big investors. That means as a customer, you get a chance to have your say in how we are run.

As businesses owned and run by their members, co-operatives offer a solution to the growing sense of powerlessness people are feeling about business and the economy, giving them control of the businesses they are closest to - whether they shop at them, work at them or supply them. This ethos means it’s also important to align with other like-minded organisations for the social benefit.

What makes The Phone Co-op different?

The Phone Co-op is the UK’s only Co-operative telecoms provider. Our unique democratic structure and policy of social responsibility makes us the first choice for thousands of organisations across the UK. With no external shareholders, we reinvest our profits in worthwhile causes, supporting the social economy while making sure our customers receive the best packages and deals.

Ownership matters - giving people ownership of the businesses they are closest to (whether as employees, as customers or as suppliers) has a triple effect.

Sharing ownership gives people a stake and creates greater engagement, interest and concern for the long term interests of the business. This applies just as much to large retail businesses as it does to local people, who together own  local community organisations such as pubs or football clubs.

Sharing ownership boosts productivity by making employees and suppliers more likely to work harder to support the business. Studies consistently show that the commitment ownership brings will boost productivity as people are invested, emotionally and financially, in the business.

Sharing ownership harnesses innovation, by giving those who understand the business best, a reason to contribute to its development. There has been a move towards participation across the business world, as companies try to harness the ideas of those closest to the front line - the employees and customers. When these people are also the owners there is an incentive and reward for contributions.

But while business ownership matters, people have a sense of powerlessness about the economy. In Britain, 58% of people say big businesses are out of control and 57% say they have no influence over the economy.

Co-operatives offer a solution. They give people that control of the business they need and they give people control over things that matter to them, in process boosting productivity, harnessing innovation and giving them a stake. That is the co-operative advantage.

Telecoms solutions for everyone

Whether you are a charity, a voluntary organisation working from home, a small social enterprise or a large multi-site organisation, The Phone Co-op has the right solution for you.

We offer wide ranging telecoms solutions including Line rental, Broadband & Internet services, Fibre, VoIP and Hosted, Mobile phones, and Conferencing; all of which can be provided as a consolidated service on one simple transparent monthly bill and backed up by a dedicated UK based support team.

So if you share our values, why not join us?



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