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Due to the continued information in the media around the Coronavirus we wanted to provide an update that has been produced across the industry via Openreach. Please click here to view the latest update from Openreach.

Service Status


The Dial Through service that enables The Phone Co-op to bill calls that are prefixed with an 0800 number is being withdrawn by our supplier on the 30th November 2019. This is an old product that is difficult to support and incompatible with changes being made to the network.

From November 30 2019, calls made by first dialling the following numbers will not connect: 0800 083 0891, 0800 781 5403, 0800 781 5555 and 0800 083 1209.

If you are a user of these services, The Phone Co-op will no longer be able to bill you for your calls, and you will need to make calls through your line provider by dialling without the 0800 number. Your line rental provider will bill you for the calls, at their rates.

If you would like to move your line rental to The Phone Co-op, please call our sales team on 01608 4324 040.

UC - VoIP Services

Working normally.


Customers may be experiencing problems loading web-pages. A huge spike of reports has been noticed on Down Detector. Any impacted customers may experience problems loading web-pages or using their internet services for the duration of the outage.

Preliminary investigations are underway to establish root cause and resolution, we apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and are working hard to resolve the issue.


Working normally.


Voicemail on the "Phone Co-op" network is being updated.

On November 14 all remaining "Phone Co-op" network customers received the voicemail update. If you have not yet accessed your voicemail then please note that the first time you do so you will be asked to re-record your welcome message and set up a new PIN. You can skip this step if you wish and set up your greeting later.

If you currently withhold your mobile number when making calls you will not be able to access the new voicemail platform. Please turn off number withheld, when calling 555 for the first time to set up voicemail. After that, you can turn number withheld back on again.

The online voicemail portal and voicemail to email have now been disabled.


Working normally.

Working normally.


Working normally.

Customer Websites

Working normally.


Working normally.

Domain Services

Working normally.