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Due to the continued information in the media around the Coronavirus we wanted to provide an update that has been produced across the industry via Openreach. Please click here to view the latest update from Openreach.

Customer Service Levels

Due to the second national lockdown and the limitations this causes, our suppliers are once again experiencing delays and restrictions to normal service. As a result, we are also experiencing delays in the processing of our requests. We hugely appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through this together.

Service Status

UC - VoIP Services

Working normally.


Cable damage incident Glasgow

Openreach experienced an incident last night (21 February 2021), in the Bridgeton area of Glasgow, with a third-party power cable causing damage to our underground network. 

A number of Openreach cables have been affected, impacting service to customers, including some businesses, for FTTP, FTTC and Ethernet.

Openreach teams have been on site since the early hours to restore services. However, the nature of the damage, at a busy central junction, means that the repairs are very complex and likely to take some time to complete at this stage we cannot give a full restoration timescale.

Openreach will issue a further update as the recovery progresses and meanwhile we apologise for any inconvenience this incident may be causing you.

23.02.21 - Due to Scottish Power cable exploding it has caused damage to Openreach underground cables that feed multiple cabinets of Bridgeton exchange. Estimated clear date 01.03.21. Further updates will be provided as we receive them.

25.02.21 - Work is still being carried out by Openreach to restore service, estimated clear date 01.03.21.

01.03.21 - Awaiting further information today to confirm clear of the cable damage issue reported 21.02.21.

02.03.21 - Incident still displaying estimated clear date as 1st March, we will continue to monitor for updates and confirmation that the incident has been cleared. 


Working normally.


Working normally.

Working normally


Working normally

Customer Websites

Working normally.


Working normally.

Domain Services

Working normally.