Router set-up

Your router will come pre-configured with the correct settings, and should simply plug in and work.

Getting started

You will need:

Your router.router.PNG

Ethernet and Line Cables.cables.PNG


Power socket.power_supply.PNG


Step 1 - Find your master phone socket - this is the phone socket where your phone line comes into your building. Remove anything that may be plugged into this socket.

Step 2 - Plug the ADSL Filter directly into the master phone socket. Next, plug your telephone into the socket on your ADSL Filter labelled with a phone symbol. Plug the line cable into the remaining socket on the ADSL Filter. The opposite end of the line cable should then be plugged into the grey socket on the router.

Step 3 - Connect the Power Supply to your router and then connect the Ethernet Cable from the router (yellow socket) to your computer.

Step 4 - Turn on the router by pressing the power button and then turn on your computer. The lights on the router should all flicker for a few minutes until finally settling down - at this point the POWER, WIRELESS, BROADBAND, INTERNET and ETHERNET lights should all be on.

Step 5 - You should now be connected to the Internet and you don't need to go any further. Your set up should look something like this:


If you are having any problems connecting please ring our Customer Services team on 0845 458 9000. If you want to connect wirelessly please carry on reading for instructions on how to set up your wireless connection.

Setting Up Your Wireless Connection


Step 1 - Make sure the wireless switch on your computer is turned on (laptop only) or you have wireless capabilities on your computer.

Step 2 - Find the wireless utility on your computer and the network called 'TNCXXXXXX.'

Step 3 - Attempt to connect to 'TNCXXXXXX' This should give a prompt asking for a password or network key.

Step 4 - Your network key is on the bottom of your router, labled as 'WPA PSK' or 'Wireless Key.' Enter this and click 'connect.'

Step 5 - After a few moments a message should be displayed saying that you are now connected to the wireless network. You should now be able to connect to the Internet


Step 1 - Click the Airport Icon Airport.png and select the network called 'TNCXXXXXX.'

Step 2 - Click on 'TNCXXXXXX' then type your network key. Your network key is on the bottom of your router labled as 'WPA PSK' or 'Wireless Key.' Enter this and click 'connect.'

Step 3 - The Airport icon should turn from grey to black - you are now connected to the network and should be able to connect to the Internet.

If you are having any problems connecting after following these steps please ring our customer services team on 01608 434 000.


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