Internet and MMS set-up

You shouldn't need to take any action to set up your phone for internet access and picture messaging. The correct settings will be loaded as soon as you insert your SIM card, so you'll be ready to go straight away.

If you ever need to check your APN settings, or input them manually, then these are what you need:

Internet Picture messaging
  • Access Point (APN): everywhere
  • User name: eesecure
  • Password: secure
  • Proxy: not set
  • APN : eezone
  • MMS proxy :
  • MMS port : 8080
  • MMS url : http://mms

Don't forget - if you have a bundle, you can make your allowance last a lot longer if you use your phone's wi-fi instead of its 3G connection wherever wireless is available.

iPhone users can also click here to install a profile which will enable internet access. You need to open this link in Safari on your iPhone to download it.


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