Pricing notifications

Some of our prices are changing

We know nobody likes it when prices have to go up, but occasionally we need to make changes to our rates so that we can continue to offer a great service, and ensure that we can grow sustainably. Unlike our competitors, we are a consumer co-operative 100% owned by our customers, so we have therefore resisted increasing our prices as long as possible. But due to current market conditions we now need to increase the costs of some of our services.

New pricing for existing customers will apply from 1st December 2016.

Line Rental

Our standard Line Rental price for new customers will be £17 per month. However, we want to limit the effect of this increase on longstanding customers, and so line rental for anyone with Home Line Rental, or who signed up before September 2014, will be increasing to £15 per month. Line Rental with Weekend Calls remains at £15.50.

Call packages

Some of our call package prices are changing:

  • Home Anytime/Home All Day Call packages increase to £6
  • + All Day Calls packages increase to £6


Our new call rates will be:

  • Call Connection Charge: 16p per call
  • Local and national calls outside of your package: 10.5p per minute
  • UK mobile calls: 13p per minute
  • Access charge for 084, 087, 09 and 118 calls: 9p per minute

Additionally, we are changing the method we use to bill calls, and call durations will now be rounded up to the nearest minute.

Unlimited Home Broadband

The price for Unlimited Home Broadband will increase to £10 per month.

Value Line Rental

Value Line Rental is increasing to £180 per year. If you pay for your line rental in advance by taking our Value Line Rental service, we will get in touch the month before your renewal to remind you.

Paper Bills

The cost to receive a paper bill will increase to £1.90. This brings our charge into line with other providers and reflects changes to postage fees since we it last changed our paper bill cost in 2014. You can avoid this charge by switching to paperless billing and receiving your bill by email. To switch, simply fill in the online request form.

What happens next?

If you are affected by these changes you will receive a separate communication from us. If you believe these changes will have a significant detrimental impact and are considering leaving The Phone Co-op, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your notification to avoid any termination charges.

If you'd like to change your current plan, or check you are getting our best deal, or just have some questions, send us an email  or give us a call on 01608 434000.

Please note that none of these changes amend customers' current contract terms and conditions. Customers still in contract will not be affected by any of these changes (except changes to the access charge and paper bill charge) until they complete their minimum term.

Customers with a superfast package are exempted from these changes at this time (except changes to the access charge and paper bill charge).


Need help?

Call us on 01608 434 000 for assistance, or send us an e-mail and we'll call you.