Election 2017

The terms of office of three of the seven serving directors of The Phone Co-op will come to an end at the AGM in February 2017. The Phone Co-op believes in democracy and member engagement and this is maximised by engaging with as many and as diverse a membership as possible. The composition of our Board is the ultimate representation of this.

The closing date for receipt of nominations was 7 November 2016 and ballot papers were sent out to all members on 2 December. Voting closed on 9 January and the successful candidates were Helen Grayshan, Karen McArthur and Simon Richards. They took up their places on the Board at the AGM on Saturday 4 February.

Board Election Results - 2017

Number of eligible voters: 11,162
          Votes cast by post: 1,917
          Votes cast online:  759
Total number of votes cast: 2,676
Turnout: 23.97%
Number of votes found to be invalid: 6
Total number of valid votes to be counted: 2,670

 Result (3 to elect)

RICHARDS, Simon    945    ELECTED

HORTON, Phil  926
ANDERSEN, Justin  893
LEGGE, David  703
DOWSON, Nick  552
MITCHELL, Graham  417
MURLEY, Peter  383
PATERSON, Andrew  255 


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