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Our partners

We operate in a highly competitive and dynamic market and despite a challenging industry environment, we have delivered good profitable growth from the beginning. We do this in combination with a supportive partner network. 

We have also received a number of awards for our work such as Best Consumer Facing Social Enterprise from Social Enterprise UK in 2015 and to win Growing Co-operative of the Year from Co-operatives UK in 2016.

In the telecommunications industry, we partner closely with trade associations such as Federation of Communications Services (FCS) and the International Mobile Virtual Network Operators Association (IMVNOx) to lobby for a fair and transparent market. We also partner socially responsible telecommunications product brands and we are proudly the UK reseller for Fairphone.

We partner with a wide range of organisations, to see more click here. And have a number of Affinity Partners who rely on us as a valuable revenue scheme.

In our business channel we partner with number of agents who have an interest in the co-operative movement and wish to promote an ethical telecoms provider.