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Fairphone - The most repairable phone, now with a gift card for spare parts!

  • Purchase a Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+ from 24th May - 20th June and claim a £50 spare parts voucher
  • Visit to claim your gift card
  • The gift card will then be sent to you via email 



Fairphone, caring for people and the planet

The Phone Co-op is passionate about fairness in our products and services and we are proud to be partners with Fairphone, designing the world's most sustainable smartphones. We offer these world leading handsets with a variety of mobile deals for both personal and business customers – all with inclusive unlimited texts and a choice of data and minutes. Don't just change your phone, change the world #changeisinyourhands

Fairphone 3+, available now 

Modular and Sustainable

Easy to repair and upgrade

The Fairphone is made of removable modules, that be easily removed and updated. So there is no need to replace your smartphone each year, you can simply replace and repair parts - helping to save the planet and reducing CO2 emissions. 

Fairphone is the only smartphone to be awarded the iFixit score of 10 out of 10 for repairable design.  

Fairphone modular and sustainable

Fabulous images, wherever you are

Because every picture tells a story

Capture all your special moments on the Fairphone 3 and 3+ , providing beautiful photos and videos every time. 

Now with the Fairphone 3+  and module upgrade for the 3, the 48MP rear camera and 16MP selfie camera offer better quality in all respects, both for photos and videos.

People taking a group selfie with Fairphone

Dual SIM

For work and play

The Fairphone comes with two SIM card slots, requiring you to only need one phone. This provides the advantage of inserting two SIM cards and the use of two different phone numbers and not having to have multiple phones for different uses. 

Travelling abroad you can use the additional SIM card for a country specific SIM, cutting down on unforeseen charges from your home provider. 

Fairphone with dual SIM

Accessories and Spares

Update, repair and reuse

Fairphone have a range of accessories specifically designed for your new smartphone, this includes items such as cases, earphones and chargers if you require them.The latest Fairphone 3 cases are now made with 37% biomaterials and non-toxic plastics, purpose-built to help your Fairphone last as long as possible. 

You can also purchase modules to upgrade or repair your Fairphone directly from the Fairphone. 

Lady on Fairphone 3 with green case

Fairphone 3+

Buy Now
  • Fairphone what's in the box

Read more about Fairphone in our blog section 

Android 10

Powering your phone

Access all the usual apps from the Google Play Store and enjoy new controls to make your experience even better. 

Fairphone have created some handy guides to help you:

Switching from iPhone to Android

Moving from another Android phone to Fairphone

Fairphone and Android
Lady with blue sky in background
Fairphone has been tested and critiqued and has proven its ethical credentials. Awarded with many green credentials and awards for its innovative and new ways or working.
Miner for Fairphone
The latest Fairphone Impact Report reveals benefits of social and environmental programs while the latest life cycle assessment of the Fairphone 3 show that using a smartphone for over 5 years can reduce CO2 emissions by about 40%.
People hands with Fairphone 3
Choose Fairphone as the ethical and sustainable smartphone for your employees and organisation. Cut your carbon footprint and tick more of the CSR boxes by changing to a phone that cares for people and planet.
Mobile with recycle image
Help with e-waste by recycling your old phone, through the Fairphone recycling program.