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Fairphone 3+ - The Most Sustainable Smartphone

Fairphone - The most repairable phone, now with a gift card for spare parts!

  • Purchase a Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+ from 24th May - 20th June and claim a £50 spare parts voucher
  • Visit to claim your gift card
  • The gift card will then be sent to you via email 


Fairphone Giftcard Offer

Fairphone 3+, Fairphone’s most sustainable phone

Enjoy the same great Fairphone experience, now with optimized 48/16MP cameras and 40% recycled plastics and fair materials. The Fairphone 3+ is made with care for people and the planet. A modular phone built to last that provides you with the power to replaceable modules yourself with a single screwdriver.  And for extra peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year warranty. 

Fairphone 3+ tackles the camera issues which were the main niggle with the Fairphone 3. The new camera module significantly improves the photo and video quality, as well as giving a louder, crisper sound. 

This phone also provides a living wage bonus for factory workers, putting social responsibility at the heart of the Fairphone 3+.


Fairphone, Fair Credentials:

  • A 10/10 iFixit score makes Fairphones the most repairable smartphones in the world
  • The first and only smartphone company to integrate Fairtrade gold into its supply chain
  • Made with responsibly sourced and conflict-free tin and tungsten, as well as recycled copper and plastic
  • The first smartphone company to enable living wages for workers
  • Fairphone supports e-waste collection programs in West Africa
  • EcoVadis Gold Medal
  • B Corporation certified

Read the Impact Report 2019, that provides in-depth insights into their initiatives and programs.

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Fairphone was founded in Amsterdam in 2013 by a group of people who set out to create the world's fairest, most sustainable phone. Fairphone has become the leader in sustainable electronics while making a positive impact across the value chain in mining, design, manufacturing and life cycle.

Fairphone is about fairness, transparency, and a hopeful vision of the future: We have a deep appeal to customers who feel the same.

Fairphone design for longevity, easy repair, and modular upgrades. Their goal is to make your phone’s hardware last as long as possible, and to provide the support to keep its software up to date. The longer you can keep your phone, the smaller its environmental footprint.

Fairphone go straight to the source to make sure they’re creating positive change. One material at a time, they’re working to incorporate fairer, recycled, and responsibly mined materials in our phones – to increase industry and consumer awareness.

Fairphone is innovating ways to improve job satisfaction for workers in the industry. Together with their suppliers, they’re listening to workers and creating better working conditions with employee representation, income and growth opportunities for all.

Fairphone 3+ comes with:
  • Modular and repairable design
  • 40% recycled plastics and fair materials now used
  • 48/16MP cameras
  • Replaceable, long-life battery
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Easy to use Android 10
  • A scratch-resistant 5.65 inch full HD+ display

Fairphone 3+, available now 

The future is modular

The Fairphone 3+ is built to last with a world-leading modular and repairable design, a replaceable 3,000mAH battery, 40% recycled plastics and fair materials. You can repair it yourself with a single screwdriver. And for extra peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year warranty. 

There’s no charger or cable included, as Fairphone encourages you to use the ones you already have, helping to cut down on e-waste. 

Always included:

  • Mini screwdriver
  • 2-year warranty (even after the device has been opened and disassembled)


 diagram showing the pieces of the Fairphone

Fairphone for your business

Fairphone showcase your company values. The phone that cares: make your company a champion of sustainability by providing employees with a secure, ethical phone that reflects your company’s values.

With the Fairphone 3+, employees can proudly showcase your companies’ values to the outside world.

Get a  Fairphone 3+for your business from £31 per month.


a man and woman both holding the Fairphone

Read more about Fairphone in our blog section 

Improved Camera module

The Camera (48MP) has a larger sensor, intelligent scene detection and a higher dynamic range to reliably deliver high-quality images in any setting. Optimized for the Fairphone processor with zero shutter lag, give real-life definition to your videos with enhanced object tracking, image stabilization and crisp audio recording. The Camera module works both as a spare part for the Fairphone 3+, as well as an upgrade for the Fairphone 3.  You can purchase the modules for your Fairphone 3 from Fairphone.



Best in the industry for greener electronics

Fairphone’s ethical supply chain and manufacturing process is behind what the company calls its ‘fair specs’. Every new phone developed builds on the technology of its predecessors and feeds into making its supply chain fairer for all those involved. 

Projects supported by sales of Fairphone 3 and the upgraded camera modules include collecting e-waste in Europe and sourcing Fairtrade and recycled minerals for manufacture. 


Back cover black

This spare part for your Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3 is built with durability in mind. The sturdy back cover protects your phone’s inner workings, is detailed with a glossy embossed logo and comes in solid black. It’s made with up to 40% recycled plastics, making it our most sustainable back cover yet.