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The fairest of them all - The Phone Co-op Home Broadband

Our Fair Price Promise: your guarantee of best value

Choose Superfast Fibre or Unlimited Broadband and we guarantee there’ll be no nasty price hikes, plus when your contract ends, you’ll carry on paying our lowest standard rate

Ethical Consumer Best Buy broadband from the UK’s only telecommunications co-op

Our Fair Price Promise

Fair Price Promise Icon
  • You’ll pay the price you agreed, throughout the contract

  • We’ll automatically move you to our lowest standard rate when your contract ends

  • If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days, you can walk away, no questions asked

  • Accolades the phone coop values ethical consumer best buy fair tax member top 10 uk broadband provider totally unlimited
Add more to your Broadband plan
Add more to your Broadband plan

Get more from your home phone and broadband with our great value add-ons

  • Save £24 a year with our Value Line Rental
  • Inclusive Anytime Calls £7 per month
  • 100 mobile minute calls £3 per month
  • Outgoing Call Barring £1.79 per month
  • And many more
landline calls inclusive evening weekend international calls and call options call options including caller display opt-out and barring calls to premium numbers
Access Unlimited v2
Access Unlimited Entertainment

Connect your smart TV and other devices to our Superfast Fibre and Fibre Plus broadband to stream your entertainment without interruption. Our fast speeds will let you watch all your favourite programs and channels at any time – morning, noon and night.

No need to pay extra for channels you do not need. Connect your smart TV and other devices to our Superfast Fibre Plus broadband to access any entertainment you want