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emporia - simple and smart phones for your older family members

Simple is the new smart

Being active means being mobile, and being independent. Whether you’re out and about in the city, or spending a day at the beach with the grandkids, a mobile phone gives you peace of mind and can be your lifeline to your family and to the outside world.

emporia specialise in designing mobile phones for people whose main priority is ease of use, without complex navigation or menus, and have the ability to connect to others through easy to access multimedia applications accompanied by detailed step-by-step training guides. 

Includes full training guides

As a result of close work and listening to customers, we incorporate  feedback into our design process, making sure our phones stay relevant. We also include amazingly detailed training books and guides with products, designed to help you to get the most out of your phone, step-by-step and at your own pace.

The guides help you to become confident to happily connect to the internet, download useful applications and even help you to video call your friends and family for free using WhatsApp.

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emporiaActive 4G

The new 4G emporiaACTIVE is a traditional style bar phone but with an innovative design which fits comfortably into the palm of a users hand for secure use. All the functions are immediately visible through shortcut keys making this phone exceptionally easy to use.

emporia TOUCHsmart

The emporia TOUCHsmart can be operated in the traditional way, with an easy-to-use keypad with large buttons or you can use the touchscreen display. The best of both worlds and ultimate simplicity to access Applications, use the internet or to communicate to friends and family using the pre-installed WhatsApp accompanied by a handy WhatsApp training guide.

emporia SMART.3

Simple is the new smart! With an impressive 5.5 inch HD display, the emporia SMART.3 combines modern and sleek design with a simple user interface. With large text, large icons and loud and clear sound this is a very user-friendly mobile. A second back cover supplied in the box allows customers to choose whether to use the device with or without an emergency button. Including the unique 135 page training guide to help you step-by-step.

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