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Fairphone 2, the ethical smartphone

The Phone Co-op is passionate about fairness in our products and services, which is why we are proud to be partners with Fairphone, the first ethical smartphone. And with The Phone Co-op, it's available on a fantastic monthly contract.

Why choose Fairphone?

  • Made using conflict-free minerals

  • Created by a Social Enterprise with total transparency in the production and supply chain
  • Produced in a factory that ensures health and safety working conditions as well as decent wages to its workers
  • Made to last, because it is modular you can repair it and upgrade it yourself prolonging the handset life
  • Eco-friendly, because it lasts longer you are generating less electronic waste, plus it comes without a charger so you can reuse any old micro USB charger you have around the house
Fairphone - the modular phone
Made to last
Fairphone 2 is modular which means it is easier to repair and upgrade it yourself prolonging the handset life.
Fairphone 2 made using conflict-free minerals
A fairer phone
Made using conflict-free minerals: free tin, tungsten and tantalum plus Fairtrade gold. Supporting communities, not conflict.